Client Testimonials

"Catherine is a veritable fount of knowledge. Her enthusiasm to keep learning and evolving in our industry is beyond commendable and enviable all at once. Her positive outlook on life and her ability to always find the best in a situation is worth volumes in today’s weary world. As an advisor, those are magical qualities. It's been my pleasure to have her knowledge and resources at hand when they were sincerely needed, and I look forward to the years ahead working with her. Her agency likewise has a wonderful reputation and I wish the best for all of them!"? ~ -Julianna (Juli) Quain Carman"

"As a first-time mom, choosing health insurance for my son was an overwhelming task, and one I could not have checked off my list without Catherine's help. She is a pleasure to work with and was extremely helpful and patient throughout the process. I overloaded her with questions, concerns and details, which she responded to quickly and always with a smile. She went above and beyond with my situation in particular, and I would recommend her to anyone I know!" - Jennifer White

Ok friends... In a world full of people only out to pad their wallets especially in the insurance field, this is one person whom is trustworthy and only wants to help how you want help... She knows her stuff and is always keeping up on all the options! Cathy Bennett is my friend and my personal referral for this arena :)" -Sarah Perry

"Ms. Bennett is knowledgeable, diligent, and a professional who is on your side. You can be assured you are well taken care of in guiding you in the right direction to make the correct choices for you and your loved ones.." -Ramona Benjamin

"Highly recommend, she goes over and beyond helping to find the right coverage and plan! Thank you Catherine for all you have done!" -Julia Tafoya

"The depth of Catherine's knowledge took me by complete surprise. I expected significant detail in health insurance, but she took it way past that to include quite extensive preventative health maintenance. She answered every question in a manner that made me inquire more. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I heartily recommend Catherine for consultation in health and welfare. " -Chuck Salai